Sidewinder - X-Blends

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Sidewinder - X-Blends

Sidewinder is a rich, wide-bodied tobacco with strong maple-cured front notes, a creamy & smoky middle, and a strong butter rum finish.


Crafted for the outlaw in you.

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    Best Vape Juice by a Mile!!!

    Posted by Antone C. Enger on 23rd Nov 2016

    i think I've already reveiewed Sidewinder in the past, but i got an invite to do so again, so I will. This is the most flavorful juice, without being sweet or tasting like candy, that I've ever tried. People often ask the flavor because they say it smells like pancakes with syrup, and I usually answer just "Rum". Then I usually give them a taste and they say, "Wow! It really tastes like rum!" Which is true. It does.

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    Just Enough Kick

    Posted by Old "Dirty" Major on 30th Sep 2016

    sidewinder is, I think, tobacco and rum flavored. The rum part gives it a a lot of flavor, but not in an annoying fruity way. I was going for tobacco tasting blends, but this one was surprisingly delightful. It's pretty bold, and mixes well with tobacco royal or tobacco gold, if you want to bring the rum flavor down a notch. People around me say it smells like maple syrup, but it doesn't have a sweet taste.

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    Quality Vape Products

    Posted by Antone E. on 12th Jan 2016

    I bought this juice because of an article I read concerning certain chemicals found in other vape juices. After searching for a reputable company dedicated to quality ingredients and a quality product, it seemed this was the top choice. At first taste i realized the extra money was not wasted. This is an excellent vape juice. Furthermore, their customer service is outstanding. I had a minor problem with the wrong nicotine content, due to my own misunderstanding, and they made it right the next day, plus much more than I ever expected. I won't say what they gave me, as others may come to expect this, but I will say it exceeded the total of what I had purchased so far. I will be a loyal customer. If you vape, I recommend Firebrand for sure.

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    I think I found my brand!

    Posted by Casey on 20th Nov 2015

    The Sidewinder is the best tasting, cleanest juice I have ever tried. I am excited to try the other X-Blends at some point! Great job Firebrand!

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    My search is over

    Posted by Mike on 8th Jul 2015

    Between Sidewinder, Tobacco Gold and Tobacco Royale my search for tobacco flavors is over!!! I have tried SOOO many and NOTHING compares to Firebrand's flavors!!! Absolutely the best ever!!!

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    Excellent Tobacco Blend

    Posted by Mary on 22nd Jul 2013

    This has a great taste,throat hit and vapor production. It does have a slight sweet taste to it but it does not over power the pleasant tobacco taste it has. I highly recommend it!

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    Pretty good

    Posted by Dan on 18th Jun 2013

    It's a nice taste, but I guess it's a little too bold of a flavor for me. I like something a little more subtle. Also, if you're looking for a classic tobacco taste, I think you should try some other flavors. Their description of the flavor is accurate, and it's not what you commonly think of for ordinary tobacco: "strong maple-cured front notes, a creamy & smokey middle, and a strong butter rum tobacco finish"

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    One of the best flavors

    Posted by Robert G. on 10th May 2013

    This is my preferred flavor equaling with the Tobacco Gold.

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    Nice creamy taste

    Posted by Jerry on 20th Apr 2013

    I'm just on my second bottle and I have to say that this tastes delicious. I generally prefer a stronger tobacco taste and can't really detect much tobacco taste in this but what the hell - it's very nice!